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This article was written on 26 May 2011, and is filled under Country, Soul Music.

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Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol 2011! Surprised?

The guy with the vel­vet voice won Amer­i­can Idol’s 2011 sea­son! Con­grat­u­la­tions to him!

Old news you say? We all found out yesterday!

Yeah. But England’s a lit­tle behind with the news and um.….I know. Well, I’m mak­ing it up for it now. Anways.…

I just wanted to say, once Jacob Lusk had gone, you knew who was going to win. That deep coun­try voice must have got­ten the whole Amer­i­can south going, I’m sure. And I think he’s exactly what we need com­ing out of Amer­i­can Idol, some­one who’s a teen, but is not another Justin Bieber. There’s noth­ing wrong with Bieber, but it’s nice to have a poten­tial teen star who can’t or doesn’t intend to do the moonwalk.

American’s voted in their tens of millions!

Reports out there sug­gest over 120 mil­lion peo­ple took to vot­ing on the Amer­i­can Idol Finale on Wednes­day 25th 2011. That’s like, 2 out of every 5 peo­ple in America!

So, instead of going into what hap­pened on Amer­i­can Idol 2011, as I haven’t yet watched it because it hasn’t been shown on British tele­vi­sion as of this moment in time, I’m going to share some Scotty McCreery-ness with you this late evening.

Scotty McCreery (I Cross My Heart)

Scotty McCreery — Always On My Mind

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