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This article was written on 15 Apr 2011, and is filled under Edition4.

CBMN's Carol Black

CBMN's Carol Black

CBMN's Editor: Gemma

CBMN Editor Gemma

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Edition 4 — Changes For Our International Friends

Okay. There have been a few changes. Albeit, big changes! If you’ve vis­ited this web­site before, it will be obvi­ous. As we’ve only been set up for a month or so, I knew there’d be teething prob­lems, but I hadn’t expected extremely slow load­ing pages which read­ers from the US and beyond were obvi­ously hav­ing trou­ble with.

It’s still pretty slow but after this post, every­thing should be work­ing more smoothly from here on in.

Plus, we’ve had to change the style to a more blog ori­en­tated style. It means we can post a lit­tle more reg­u­larly than post­ing a lot once every cou­ple of weeks. And now, you can make com­ments and let us know what you think. Thanks for sit­ting tight with us. More soul music to come. I promise.


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